RisingSun is a leading independent research consultancy that uses both qualitative and quantitative tools to provide clear, precise, localized and actionable suggestions. We call it The Art of Intelligence(精睿有道).

RisingSun, founded in 2000, Shanghai, is like a sun rising from the horizon of the new millennium. It has grown into a leading research consultancy in China after more than a decade of accumulating expertise. With a focus on greater China, we offer research services that span the Asia Pacific region and collaborate with international partners for global projects. We now have research offices in first-tier cities, namely Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, as well as Chengdu, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Hangzhou to meet emerging research needs in China’s lower tier markets. RisingSun’s powerful network resources nationwide support our clients to conduct research all over China.

We use a wide range of approaches and tools in our work. What’s more, we apply our own expertise and experience to any research problem to deliver insightful, strategic, value-added and innovative solutions.

We are a team of varies backgrounds and senior and rich research experiences. We are life lovers and research addicts. We travel extensively across China and the world. Different ideas, people, cultures and brands excite